Two men were on a building site

Both after a Job

One was dressed in shirt and tie

the other was a slob

The smart dressed man was summoned

He sat down on his chair

The man there asked some questions

And he answered without care.

The first question was easiest.

'What is ten add ten'

He said 'The answers twenty'

and he questioned him again.

'I need to test your English skills,

so please don't get irate.

Please can you give a sentence using

the word Fascinate'

'Why yes' the man did answer,

And responded to the test.

'It really fascinates me

how my wife always knows best'

The man behind the desk stood up

leant over without warning

He shook his hand and said 'well done,

We'll see you Monday morning'

The next man came into the room

All scruffy, rough and smelly

He looked a lot like Johnny Vegas,

that bloke off the telly.

The man asked him his question:

'What is ten and ten'

The fat bloke said its twenty

they both agreed and then

When asked to give a sentence

using fascinate as the word

he paused and scratched his head a lot

and then came the absurd.

'I've got a Donkey Jacket

I think it's great

Its got nine buttons

but I can only fasten eight'


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