The Big Race


The big talk of the Town today, the number one top story.
Who's going to win the race and be the number one top Tory.
David Davis is looking good, with the lions share of the count.
While David Cameron's on his tail, he scored a good amount.
In third place there is Liam Fox, who's hovering there about.
And finally, the old Ken Clarke, who's just been voted out.

Goodbye then Ken, perhaps try again when someone gets the sack.
You should have known, as a finance man, you'd get stabbed in the back.
Next time you choose to run a race with all your mates delighting,
Make sure when they pledge their support, you get it down in writing.
Although the Nation liked you most, and wanted you to stay.
It's the bigwigs who decide, and sadly they have had their way.

So tension rises all around, with three left in the race.
Nothing set in stone yet, who will next fall on their face.
Which way will Ken's supporters go, it's politics for sure.
With David Cameron three to one on, and Davis at eleven to four.
But Foxey hasn't dropped out yet, his chances haven't gone.
Although a rank outsider coming in at eight to one.

So is it youth on Cameron's side, a key to the next generation.
The fact he wants to embrace change deserves standing ovation.
Will David Davis pull all stops and pick up Ken Clarkes troops.
Or will Liam Fox, the eoro-skeptic, jump through all the hoops.
You'll have to wait for the big date, put up with all the friction.
In politics it's true to say 'fact is stranger than fiction'.



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