Different Quotes from me.

The A Team


In a world of crooks and violence

Where the small guy suffers most

If you never keep your silence

You end up another ghost

So don't speak about the bad guy

Or you're gonna wind up dead

Unless you can hire this team of guys

In a van that's black and red.

They always get the bad boys

Although no-one ever dies

They always make such cool toys

From the smallest of supplies

An anti-aircraft missile

from a washing up container

A supersonic boom device

From old boot and tea strainer

By never try to go by plane

Even though the big guy's cool

The thing he say most every week

'Ain't get on no plane, fool'

So if the bad guys after you

Remember don't say never

Cuz these boys always pull it through

And they love it when a plan comes together.

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