In the trannquil safety of the night,

while sleeping in your bed

a startling noise awakens you

your mind is filled with dread.

Is sleep still playing tricks on you

do you lay back to rest

Or has the darkness opened doors

to unexpected guests.

You sit up straight and gather sense

you hear the noise once more

Adrenalin pumps through your veins

there's someone here for sure.

You race downstairs to meet the gaze

of intruders uninvited

You race towards them, filled with rage

Your inner fire ignited.

They always seem to get away

suppose its best they do.

If you catch them and you lose your cool

The criminal is you.

But weeks go by with no one caught

then everyone forgets

Except for you, the victim

still with anger and regret.

Why didn't I run faster

Why let them slip away

They're free to do what they do best

And rob another day

While meanwhile we still suffer

with terror as our plight

the tiny sounds disturbing

the tranquility of night.




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