Even if you're not doing it tonight, remember to open an account. No credit cards needed, just a simple two minute form.

Thank you and good luck


So far the Lottery has created 1600 new millionaires. I hope the next one is you.


Specially for the Lottery

With sixteen hundred millionaires, it won't take much persuading

To pick six numbers every week, even when hope is fading

With all that money to be won my chances must be fair

Now I can even buy a ticket from my comfy chair

No waiting in a queue for me, slowly moving along

While someone pays in 2's and 1's and then their ticket's wrong

No panicking when time is up and traffic slowed me down

Especially if I have to go the other side of Town

I'll use the Link that's on this page and do it on the net

Then sit and wait for that big draw in front of the TV set.


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