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"A friend of a friend is my friend too. That's why the World is still a small place".

Jim Desmond

Famous Poet


My Million Dollar Rhyme

I wonder if there is a way to pay my student fees.

I bet that I can raise the cash and study as I please.

I'm sure that people understand it's hard to do these days.

I'll have to to think up a cool scheme where everybody pays.

If I can cover all my costs I'll be a happy man.

No need to work, no study lost, sweet sunshine and a tan.

I'll spend some pennies on the Net, I hear it's all the rage,

Then sell some space to anyone, on a million dollar page.

I'm sure someone will take a look, and Businesses will pay

I'll get some hits and thats what counts and cash will come my way.

So if you want to make my day, and make yourself feel great

Just follow Links found on this page, you'll be my biggest mate.