Million Dollar Race


I don't know if you've heard of it

The Million Dollar Page

It's making loads of money fast

It seems to be the rage

It's nothing much to look at

No order set as such

But it's turnover's fantastic

It's making very much.

Well here's my proposition

I'd like to have a race

And when it comes to adding up

I'd like to win first place

The only way to do that

To stand a chance in hell

Is to get the help of everyone I know

Their friends as well.

I'm not after your money

Although cash would be fine

I just need you to visit Links

and give five minutes time.

My sponsors are quite generous

They just want you to see

The products and the services

they give to you and me.

So if you have received this Link

from me or from a friend

Just click some Links and think of

somewhere else that it will send.

'Cause everone knows somebody

And they know people too

So help me win this Race

It really is easy to do.


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