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"Everyone's a winner, it's just that some are bigger winners than others"
 Jim Desmond

Famous Poet


Winning the Lottery

If I could win the lottery, a gross and vast amount,

I'd open up an easy access high interest account.

I'd choose a house that's big enough for me, the kids and wife.

I'd cast aside my worries and I'd live a stress free life.

A nice flash car to drive around, some smart designer clothes,

I'd give my wife all she desired and every day a rose.

My kids would have the best education my money could buy,

So when they're older, and flown the nest, hard time will pass them by.

I'd treat my Dad and pay his bills and make him quit his job,

Give Mum-in-Law a wedge as well, so she can act a snob.

I'd build a Gym, for working out and losing all my jelly..

Then slob in my big living room and watch my massive telly.

I'd take a dip in my indoor pool, each day to keep me fit.

And sit down on my gold toilet seat each time I take a sh*t.

I don't believe that money is the thing that makes you happy.

I do believe the lack of it can make your time here crappy.

But what it does, it takes away the worries that drag you down.

So every month, when the Bills are in, you smile instead of frown.

It make's it possible to do the things you always wanted to do.

It free's the time and lets you concentrate yourself on you.

So Lady Luck please smile on me and let this time be mine.

Just roll those balls and match to me and all will turn out fine.