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Some serious shit for you to think about. Remember, when all else fails, there is always hope.





Everyone must have a plan, a route for life to take

You follow it as best you can with choices that you make

It sometimes takes you right ahead, the way you want to go

It sometimes takes you back instead and makes your journey slow

One thing's true, you have to fight, to get to where you're going

It gives you dark instead of light where traffic's never flowing

And when you get stuck in the mud, your feet heavy and dragging

Don't sulk around, it does no good, with hope wilted and sagging

It's up to you to soldier on and make it through the dark

You lose your way if hope is gone, you have to find the spark

And when you do, you hold it tight and lay demons to rest

And march right on, right through the night and give this life your best

As sure as everyone begins, so everybody ends

If you can be the one that wins, the one that sets the trends

Then truly you have reached your goal, through history we've seen

It's not when you're born, it's not when you die, it's all that you do in between.

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