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Draw your inspiration from where you can. Buy a signed and numbered copy of these words and read them every morning.

Send your cheques for £2.50p to:

J. Desmond

78 High Street



PE21 8SX

Please note:

Limited Edition

Please write Inspire on the envelope.





Today's the day when all goes well.

When everything goes right.

Today's the day, I'm pleased to tell

There's happy endings in my sight.

There's no way you can bring me down

Today it's up to me

A smile replaces every frown

Today my spirit's free.

And through the day I'll spread my joy

To people that surround me

No shy remarks or being coy

Now confidence has found me.

And at the end of this sweet day

With no sadness or sorrow

I'll smile as I turn out the light

Because it's also the day tomorrow.


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