I love my kids, I really do,they make my life worthwhile

From the moment they are born and they give you their first smile.

You nurture them and comfort them you do all that you can

You feed them and you keep them warm as you lay them in their pram.

You watch them take their first big steps hear them saying their first words

From baby into toddler no regrets are ever heard.

But then they start to change a bit, they make your hair go grey

At two they try to make the rules, by three scream for their way.

But then they're off to Nursery, in uniforms all smart

To take them on that first day, its enough to break your heart.

But secretly your thankful for the noise is bound to cease.

Its like time spent in Heaven, just a couple of hours peace.

At four their schooling all day long, by five their doing great,

Your glad to have them home now as your waiting by the gate.

At six they're fun, with all their friends, with parties every week.

At seven they develop an annoying kind of cheek.

At eight they learn that sarcasm is a very dry form of wit.

Although they cannot spell the word, they're very full of it.

At nine it's time to realise it's Nike or Adidas,

Its doesn't make a difference if you have a lad or lass.

It's all about the Labels now your budget days are gone.

Won't matter if you have a great job, you'll need another one.

At ten it's all computer games, new systems costing money,

Then there's the games at forty quid, that really isn't funny.

Eleven is the study year, with homework every night.

Us parents do the projects so we know they get them right.

At twelve they're at the big school, you'll see if they can hack it.

They look so smart on their first day, but the unfiorm costs a packet.

Their shoes all shiny, hair done nice, as smart as they can be,

But that won't last, as you'll find out when it reaches half past three.

The shoes are scuffed, their hairs a mess, their new white shirts untucked,

As for the holes in the trouser knees, there well and truly ruined.

But that's the price you have to pay when your children mature.

The damage doesn't stop their though, they're going to cost much more.

Thirteen is when your back will break, the kids won't do a thing

It's now you wish they'd sling their hooks if they had a hook to sling.

They want things that cost loads of cash and they want to have it now.

But if you ask them to tidy their rooms they're sure to have a cow.

At fourteen they've got little hairs protruding from their faces.

They think that they are grown up and can go to grown up places.

By fifteen they have attitude that you cannot believe

The demands they make upon you are just so hard to conceive.

And don't forget to set aside a few hours per day,

'cause after all you are a taxi now, but without pay.

I write this with experience, lessons learnt in my time.

I've got eight kids who wear me out and I'm expecting number nine.


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