Boy to Man

Hey boy,listen to me because i'm wiser

just think of me as your careers advisor

Hey boy, what's with the attitude

you think your so damn big when your being damn rude

hey boy, why do you act that way

you gonna grow into a man nobody likes someday

hey boy, you think your being so cool

all your so called friends are laughing at you, not with you, fool

hey boy why is your language so bad

show some respect, theres kids that haven't had the love that youv'e had

your just a kid, but you think your a man

you think your ten feet tall and you don't give a damn

but get clued up, listen to what I have to say

use your brain and show respect cuz it's the only way

You still have time to make the changes in your ways

but if you don't you know your gonna end up spending your young days

in penitentiaries, and places you don't wanna be

then you'll just fill up with anger and you'll never be free

it's not the way that it's supposed to go

we give you love and time and nurture you until you grow

into the man, who makes his mark on the world

you can make the happy ending you can get the girl

its up to you boy, you got to fight your way through it

there ain't nobody else involved, it's up to you to do it

so do it, make a choice today

choose your path in life right now and vow to never stray

cuz if lose it, and if you lose the plot

your'e gonna break you mommas heart and all the loving will stop

so take a minute, take a good look around

keep your chin up in the air and keep your feet fixed on the ground

and take your chances and make the most of what you can

because it won't be very long before you turn into that man.


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