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I make a few pennies, you save a bundle. Everybody wins. Life is good.

Jim Desmond



Urgent Matter

In this, my life, I don't ask much, a simple plain existence.

Nine kids to feed, the bills to pay, stress my only consistence.

But now a matter has arisen, serious without bounds,

I need to raise a hefty sum, four hundred thousand pounds.

It's not for debt, at least not yet, or cars with va va voom.

It's for my home, my family's grown, we simply need more room.

Next to my house is unused land, a car park thats a mess.

A disused garage also there, enough to cause distress.

But progress is as certain as the night will follow day.

And now it's up for sale, with a massive lump to pay.

I want to raise the cash to buy and move my boundaries out.

I don't want flats that violate, intrusive without doubt.

So can you help me with my plight, I'm pretty sure you can.

Just use my site, every night, it's quite a simple plan.

The Links you find, all different kinds, are all of use to you.

From groceries to mobile phones, loans, even ebay too.

But spread the word, tell what you heard, for time's not on my side.

I will be broken, down and sad if my plans are denied.

So make some clicks and buy some goods, and join the odd newsletter.

And don't forget to pass this on, the more that know the better.

Many thanks.



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