The smaller things in life we take for granted every day

The grown ups go to work, the infants go to play.

The postman takes his letters and the policeman walks his beat,

The fridge keeps all your food cool and the oven gives it heat.

You get light when you flick the switch, then flick it off for dark

And when the weathers nice you take the kids down to the park.

In this mad World we live in, there's some comfort to be had,

in the knowledge that your fairly safe from something really bad.

In recent times, however, the tide seems to be turning.

When terror walks the streets, leaving trains and busses burning.

With randomness and callousness and no sign of regret

An evil lurks amongst us as we trigger traps he set.

With no concern for human life, neither man, woman or child

He destroys the balance we create, like a creature in the wild.

No matter what colour his skin, no matter what his faith

While evil lurks amongst us, no-ones really truly safe.

So look around with piercing eyes and see what you can see

Catch the evil beast before he strikes again, then you'll be free.

Never take for granted all small things until the beast is caught,

Keep your wits about you all the time until the fight is fought,

And when evil lurks with us no more, we've run that final race

Free to smile again safe in the knowledge the World's a better place.