Dark Summer


Relaxing, Refreshing, a pleasant change, a treat.

Mood altering, heart warming, this feeling can't be beat.

It's funtime in sunshine, the children having fun,

the pools out, its beach time, the Summers just begun.

The air's getting heavy, it's muggy, humid dry.

I'm feeling so lazy, as hot days pass me by.

The night time, so stifling, uncomfortable rest.

The sweat just keeps pouring, no longer feel my best.

Relentless, unshifting, high pressure standing still.

The breeze non-existent, the Summer's lost it's thrill.

The old ones, so weary, unable to keep cool,

they use up all their energy, now natures changed the rules.

And slowly, so weary, unable to refresh,

they slip into slumber as they take their final breath.

At peace now, no struggle, the pain for them is gone

but summer keeps on blazing and the battle carries on.

The young ones, just infants in need of constant care,

unsettled, uneasy amidst the heavy air.

Nocturnal distress so common all around

a baby wakes crying, consolation can't be found.

The mother, so tired, in desperate need of sleep,

grows angry, frustrated, her tempers hard to keep.

She prays for the heavens to open up and give

the moisture and coolness that we all need to live.

So as you sit staring at rain falling from the skies

landing on your window like tears from a million eyes,

remember, Mother Nature has the power to maintain,.

and the power to destroy us all by holding back our rain.