By the Code


I'm always trying to think up schemes

Some ways to make big money.

I've found one that fulfil's my dreams

and makes my future sunny.

It's really quite a simple one

I'll pick an Industry

And pass a law that says

they have to register with me.

Then I can charge a couple of grand

and someone goes along

And tells them that they make too much

and must be doing it wrong.

I'll threaten that I'll close them down

on that very same day

If they don't change the way they work

and do the things I say.

And then I'll put a time limit

that says it must be done

and hope that they all stick to it,

can't wait. It will be fun.

And I'll make it impossible

for them to make it rich

Pay rates that are unbearable

I'll make them cringe and twitch.

Then finally I'll pull the plug

Go back to ways of old

When people made a tidy living

and paved their streets with gold.

Until that day, I'll bleed them dry

watch Industry erode.

Now you know, this is why

I love the LP Code.



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