What's in for tea, hope its not crap again

Sat in the room now with my tea on my lap again

Spilt down my thighs, It's dripping all over me.

I'm Mr More boy, fill my my plate up for me

Cuz it's tates that run, beans that flow,

Cheese on toast, what'dya know

Hit me with some cornflakes

Nothing's ever filling me

..........not me

Guess what ? I've got a plan

We'll drive on into Town

and we'll wind our windows down

Guess what ? I've got a plan

Gonna buy some takeout food tonight for tea

Guess What ?.... ooooh

We'll have burgers in the van,

Better order loads

cuz you'll be filled with sorrow

when it's gone, when it's gone

Until then it doesn't matter.

Too late, I missed my turn

Took a left instead of right

Now we're on this road all night

Dammit, traffics really tight

Look's like we'll be having nothing

for our tea


If I don't eat I'll die, It looks like

there will be none til' tomorrow


I see a little silhouette of a shop

can we stop, can we stop

there's a little chef approaching

coffee and a tea cake, hardly very filling for me

Wait a minute,(just a minute)

wait a minute (just a minute)

wait a minute don't you know

I spy a Burger King and nobody's in there

I spy a Burger King hope they've got some food spare

Save me some scraps for my starving family

Flaming grilled, don't you know

Take it all to go,yes go

With Coleslaw, take it all to go, yes to go

And red sauce, take it all to go

take it all to go

take it al to go, go go, go go, go,


Eat it 'ere, eat it 'ere, eat it 'ere next to me

You greedy sod,

Open up your eyes for a burger and some fries for me,

for me, for me


So that's tea and I'm so full I think I could cry

So that's tea I'm so swollen I think I may die

Oh, save me

Just can't eat that much, save me

Have to blow chunks, just need to get out of here


Calories don't matter, anyone can see

Calories don't matter to me

Now listen as my wind blows.





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