Another Love Song


When I gaze into your eyes I know my life is so complete

Even when the times are hard I only gotta think of your lips so sweet

And when where miles apart and the nights get cold it's like you're right there next to me

Keeping me warm inside through the long cold night, you're like the other half of me



Cuz I'm yours and I know that you're mine

You're the flip side of my coin, my Angel Gabrielle divine

And we're here and this is where were gonna stay

Cuz there's a power deep down whenever your around

And it's always gonna be this way

Cuz there's a power deep down whenever your around

And it's always gonna be this way


I remember the day when you first came my way

It was a spring time afternoon

The sun was high in the sky and then I saw you passing by

And felt my heart beat faster and I knew that soon

I'd meet the love of my life and that you'd soon be my wife

And we'd be happy for the rest of our days

In the blink of an eye I knew it all and that's why

I turned my back on all my cheatin' ways




To you the years have been kind and I hope you still find

that I'm the man I always used to be

You're still the one in my dreams and I just hope that that means

that when you're dreaming that you're dreaming of me

My world is built around you and all the things that we do

you are my star that lights the way through the night

From the glow of your heart that cuts the darkness apart

To kill the fear I simply hold you tight




And as I'm writing this song I wonder where it went wrong

And how we changed from what we used to be

And how we fought all the time and how we drank so much wine

And how we never ever seemed to agree

Did I hold you too tight, or was you sick of the sight

of someone watching everything that you did

Or did the World go mad as everything went bad

Who the hell are we both trying to kid


Cuz I'm yours even though I know that you're not mine

I'm not the flip side of your coin, you're still my Angel Gabrielle divine

And we're here and I don't know how it got this way

It's like a darkness has appeared after all these years

And it's the turned the blue skies into grey

And as I'm searching for the reason and I notice that the season

Is a winter time everyday.


So as I say goodbye I wipe a tear from my eye

And take a path I never took before

Did I ever really try as the years passed us by

To pick the broken pieces up off the floor

It's just another love song where it all goes wrong

The same old record with a different name

The story older than time in a musical rhyme

Where the ending always stays the same

And we've only got each other to blame.


the end

by jim desmond