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From Whence You Came


My mother was a tailor, sewed my new blue jeans.

My daddy was a gambling man, down in New Orleans.

Although that isn't strictly true, of that there is no doubt,

There is a way to find just what my History is about.

I may share genes with Elton John, God help me if I do.

Or distantly I may even be linked somewhere to you.

Your Grandad's Uncle Albert may have strayed while in the War

And met with my Grandma's Sister back in 1944.

You may find out information and the problem that it poses,

When you find out your a Tudor and your Wife is with the Roses.

Just as long as I don't find out that my Wife could be my Sister

Though it would explain the stange fellings I got when I last kissed her.

So did deep and trace your History and find out who you are.

Never know,you might be linked up to a King, a Queen or Czar.

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